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    Red Face

    Quote Originally Posted by chrykel View Post
    how can i be promoted to a registered user?
    Nobody is going to answer that, use your brain and read the STICKY threads to find the answer yourself.

    Being new is never an excuse for laziness or ignorance

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    i feel like i missed out on this thread.

    I just jumped straight in and posted on the latest threads at the time, so yeah here goes, half a month late but hello... call me sam

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    hello to every one at ps3news.

    THX for all your good work, and keep going on!

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    Newbie with PS3 60GB, PS3 40GB, Xbox360 20GB (resurrected from RROD), and a Wii. So far PS3 rulez, but with 2.4 firmware horror stories, I am having second thoughts.

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    first posty here... nice to meetcha all.

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    Hey guys,

    i'm new here too.

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    I'm new here!!I hope I'll get lots of information from this site about ps games.

    Nice to meet you everyone!!

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    Just another user looking to get more out of my PS3. Have the NTSC 80 gig, likely will upgrade the HD some time soon. Really would like to be able to play ROMS on the system, rather than on PC with a smaller screen.

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    Hi All!!

    I've been coming to this site for years - PS3News and before that ps2nfo. I love this place - I think there are a bit many - but you know what - for the prime info this site gives out... the community and brain power backing it up - I'm willing to accept it and support them! There is NO other place that is better to get PS3 related dev news.

    Devs here are awesome - CJPC and NDT continue to influence me to learn programming more (C, C++, Visual Basic) because I see the fruits of their work, and it really encourages me to want to help join that someday and help out. Made Man is ALWAYS here to answer a question, and give out all the best up-to-date news that a news junkie like me wants to hear (I wonder how you do it man!!!) - This place is truly old skool - like the scene from back in the day - with an IRC channel full of skilled peepz - I respect that!

    So why post now finally? Well I tried to download the 'clear' video for the recently released debugged tools vid - and it said I have to make 5 worthy posts to become a registered user and download it.

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    New to the forums but not new to ps3news

    Im here posting for 1. i just figured out way i cant post comments. lol. And 2 well Anyways i guess ps3news would be as good as any to ask this Question.

    Is anybody else playing battlefield B.C on ps3, and if so are you able to see you new pictures? i have been taking sniping shots and taking pictures at the same time. Some come out pretty good. lol Now E.A has add the pictures to are profiles but when i go there to see the new ones, the thumbnails are of the older pictures but when i select them they turn into the new ones.. lol weird, im sure there working out the bugs but anybody else having this issue...

    Also Happy 4th of july U.S.A... have fun and i hope this counts as a post thanks for any help on this issue as well.

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