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    Wicked site, look forward to spending lots of time here


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    Gidday all another newbie to ps3 hacking, had fun with my ps2 but time to move up.

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    Erm, sohai yo-

  4. #3894
    Just got a PS3 fat yesterday

  5. #3895
    Hi i'm also new user

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    Hi Everyone, It's been a while since i plug in my PS3. Left it on my closet for 1years haha. just manage to jail break it on 3.55 and will start to test out new stuff hehe

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    hi all

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    hi everyone in ps3news. is there anyone know how to hack a fat ps3 version 4.01?

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    Hello moto

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    Oct 2012
    I'm newish to the ps3 scene well just purchased an older one off a friend which he had me do most of the system mods to it. Nothing major just Os and psn bypass

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