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    hello im new here, my name is matt and i just wanted to say hi, and i hope that i will be able to make some worthwhile contributions to the community

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    Hello all, Im new here but been around on some of the other forums. I decided to sign up here to try to get away from all the trolling and what not on the other forums. I just wanna talk in a PS3 forum with PS3 people. This looks like its the best place to do that. Anyway, I look forward to have some good discusions with everyone and learning as much as possible.

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    hello there im a new user too, im from frankfurt germany...

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    Jul 2008
    hello, im a new user too.. what's up everyone.

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    What's up everyone? New user too.

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    I am a newbie and look forward to reading the forums for details of any good rumors and solutions to problems I may come across.

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    Nov 2008

    Cool New to tha "GAME"

    Just wanted to make my intro to everyone, and have alot of questions to ask about loading files to my PS3 via USB..

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    hi all, i'm new here. was wondering, i'm currently using my psp with firmware 3.90-m33 and want to update to v 5.00-m33. does this mean i'll need the official v5 firmware from $ony?

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    hello, im new here too!

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    Hey guys, Just signed up today...

    The user name is the gamer tag. Currently playing COD WAW, Resistance 2, RVS2009, Burnout, LBP, Socom and Home Beta.

    See you all online!

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