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    Hey just Registerd here

    Thought i would try this forum it looks good
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    Can I introduce myself?

    Hello nice to meet you I forgot to introduced myself i should better make one..

    Hi there PS3 community,

    I am Clark my favorite movie is SAW and I like Jigsaw ways to give lesson to corrupt people. I like playing PlayStation especially PSVITA to play everywhere lol

    I am a type of a platform puzzle game who always want to solve any puzzle, RPG games and hack and slash action games

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    Thumbs Up

    awesome.. hello
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    Oct 2012
    hello, need to downgrade a 4.21 and it seems this forum is pretty documented

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    Hello there !

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    Hello to all, new to the blog here!

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    Oct 2012
    just joined also! Hi all!!

    just wanted to say keep the posts coming!!
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    Joined a bit a go... now i'm postin to look at another thread lol

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    Hello i'm a new user here... need guide for psx converter that works for win xp

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