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    Quote Originally Posted by rayray918 View Post
    For like ss.bin files
    For those I would post in the ongoing thread (which will bump it to the top of the forum as it's an older thread) located here:

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    cool thanx does that by chance show all the ones that have been requested

    lol never mind helps to look b4 asking
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    My guess would be no as it's quite an old thread... I don't follow 360 stuff at all, but unless I am mistaken the SS files are no longer necessary in a few years to get games working unless something changed since then.

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    I had all my game discs stolen from me but i had a couple loaded on one of me external the messed up thing is they left the cases just took the discs

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    that's rotten mate.

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    A playstation addict is here i like puzzle games, please to meet everyone

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    gidday i'm only new and hope i'm posting in right spot.. But what i'd like to know is on the ps3 I used to be able to get my full trials for free but you had to be a ps3 plus member and go and dl the game then cancel can anyone tell me if this has changed ?

    Yeah its low alright
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    Hey I'm a new member here. This forum is good for PS3 user

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    hey , I'm Dreamaster

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    hi i'm in...

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