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    hello to all, glad to be here!

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    just joined. i'm excited to get down to learning all of this too

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    Welcome aboard.

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    Good afternoon all! I'm new here and I hope learn with you for maybe teach someone! Thank you! Muito Obrigado!

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    Hello everybody !! i am a new member

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    I am new to this forum. I have chosen to register so to find all the tools necessary to jailbreak my FAT PS3 CECHA01. I currently have my PS3 at Firmware 3.15 with Ubuntu Linux installed on it. Any suggestions would be of good use to me, thanks. I appreciate your time and I bid you adieu.

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    just joined and looking to learn all i can

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    hello, i'm a new user too.. what's up everyone

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    Hello everybody, i'm new i whrite from San Marino.

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    I'm back. Hope to bring news again soon

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