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    Contributor KidKakarot's Avatar
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    Sep 2012

    I have a ps3 and i use this site for varius programs to edit pup files i have seen a few bits and peaces of firmware i can use i went to school for some of this so hopefully i can come up with something thats not fake

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    Contributor jhwp64's Avatar
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    Aug 2010

    hi, jailbreak for all!

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    Contributor trix7's Avatar
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    Nov 2010

    hi everyone, I'm new and just want to say I love ps3

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    Hello there i'm new here, i know some stuff but i got more problems than solutions... hope I can learn them here.

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    Same here Bro.. good luck...

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    Hi I'm new... please call me vincent.. i just want to learn how to downgrade my PS3

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    So, hi to all new PS3news users... as i am ^^

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    Contributor BMFRPT's Avatar
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    Nov 2010

    hi everyone, I'm new and jailbreak for all.

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    Hello there, I am very pleased i joined your site. Can i just question something because i am really curious and i need help, from an expert.... I have jailbroken ps3 on 3.55 firmware with lots of games, i patched a new game named Dragon's Dogma i install the pkg, and two other files (Paramf and boot) in the right folder but when i try to start the game through Multiman or Gaia, ps3 asks me for software update,why that...

    i have patched the game for 3.55 why asks me for software update.. What am i doing wrong.. can somebody answers to me in detailed ...Please help if you Know the right method..

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    Hi peeps,

    Newly registered, got my white Final Fantasy limited edition JB in 3.55 just updated my mm to 4.05 yesterday.

    Just wondering if the themes especially the dynamic themes can be used for mm ver 4.05? How do I do it?

    Thanx peeps


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