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    Sep 2012
    i'm new.

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    Sup everyone, I just joined and glad to be a part of the community! Cant wait to contribute

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    Hi guys, i'm a new member

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    hello everybody i'm a noobie with all this stuff, appreciate any assistance i'll get

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    Hi, Great forum.

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    Sep 2012
    Hello everyone, I just joined and I'm just looking around to see what info is available here, So far what I've seen it is pretty intense in the type of info I'm seeking.

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    hello all I just joined the ps3 world.. used to play games on PC just got gifted with the ps3!

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    Hello everyone here on PS3News, I am new here and I have a small Community for PS3 Lovers and enthusiasts.

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    Sep 2012
    Hello everyone I am a new user... my name is Iago and I'm Italian

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