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    Must throw a couple of posts. I've been a PS3 user for a while, this is my first post here. Hello everyone

    I have a GEN 1 PS3 with SACD playback and use my PS3 to backup my SACD collection. Works wonerful.
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    Hello i'm a new user trying to find the DUPLEX for One Piece Kaizoku Musou

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    Thanks for having me here.

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    Hi bawdo here... I registered a while ago but haven't posted much, sorry. Was just kind of getting back into PS3 scene again after a break. This site seems great for resources like eboot fixes for 3.55 etc. I'm into a range of games but favourites are Ratchet and Clank series, Uncharted series, Tomb raider series, Infamous series and (sadly for a 40 something) all the LEGO games. Got a few I haven't tried yet, but hope to soon... Damnation, Far Cry 2, Jak and Daxter collection.

    Just bought Uncharted 3 but my bluray drive appears to be dead all of a sudden so I can't even back it up to HDD or external. I'm using Kmeaw 3.55 and the latest Multiman which I assume is pretty much the standard for most people on this forum?

    I also have a PSP 3000 on 5.03 prometheus, a soft-modded wii (for the kids, mainly). They also have my PS2 so I was excited to see the original R & C games remastered for PS3, but I guess it's pointless unless/until my bluray works. Can't quite justify getting a second PS3, which would be good to keep updated for 4.XX games which aren't "back-up-able" (yet, anyway)

    Looking forward to reading through the posts on this site!

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    hi all.. thanks bro

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    Hi all

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    New here, I'm exited to hack, aha jk, but i want all this software!

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    Hello, i new here, hope i can help you...

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    Not new to the scene, but haven't posted yet. Modded my fat PS3 years ago and before that, PS2, Wii, Xbox & Dreamcast. Hiya!

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    hi, i'm new to this cheers

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