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    Sep 2012
    yeah me new too, hi everyone

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    Sep 2012
    Hey every one, how are you guys? I am definitely new on PS3, i came from Xbox kinect situation but i could get alive from that poison lol
    i am from Brasil and I really love to speak bout games with gamers my apologize for you all bout my english grammar and more mistakes, i never got english classes, I made it by myself, studying, playing a lot of ps1 games and listening music.

    the same happens with other stuffs, ok that's not the point, for sure i am one person that came here needing help, but of course i'm gonna help more than 1!

    Be Happy!

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    New to the forums

    opps, forgot to say "hi Everyone!"
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    Nov 2006
    new here. well not really, just have to post to get filez. thank you.

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    Wuz up everyone.. does anyone know if there's pkg files for ps3 4.23?

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    HI to all!

    Please help me feel welcome here thanks in advance
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    Hello fellow gamers, I hope you have fun a I will have fun too.

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    Hi I am new to the forums as well, I hope I can learn and share heaps with everyone.

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    hi, i'm new here.

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    Hi everyone new user

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