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    Greetings humanoidz ... I am bandito from the planet workshop in my bedroom ... I used to just specialize in repairing 360's but have now ventured into the realm of PS3's ... I tried a couple of years back but things were a bit too expensive to make mistakes in the learning curve & the knowledge base was a bit scant - how times have changed !!!. Anyways I found this site usefull before so im back, In my quest for solutions in all things quantum

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    Hi everybody!

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    I am new trying to find some tutorials.

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    Mar 2012
    Hi All

    Just casual gamer from South Africa and an extreme flashaholic!
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    Hello, thanks for accepting my registration

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    hi all

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    Hello, community. I am about to purchase a PS3 and I want to thank the community in advance for their hard work in putting together these helpful guides. I'll post back with my progress

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    Hello everyone, i love Dark Souls! it's a good game! Just like old times!

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    hello everyone. i just registered here today.. it is a great website for ps3 official news and ps3 hacks news.

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