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    Hi everyone im kinda noob, i baught a paid membership 6 months ago but just as my luck sony release a new update a few days after my membership is up lol and as my bank is already in the red i cant really afford a couple of dollars right now

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    noob poster, longtime lurker

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    Nov 2008
    Hi all!

    A lot of reading for me from now on...

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    May 2005
    Hi all, I'm a longtime lurker - first time poster too!!

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    Nov 2008
    hey I am a new User too ...

    Have shortly sold my Psp but have experience with that..

    My Ps3 is still there and will be still there :-P


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    Hi all, I'm also a new user, pretty new to the ps3 though. Put Fedora 8 on my 10GB OtherOS partition last night and its running well. I've gotta say I'm very impressed with Sonys liberal nature in regards to the PS3 allowing for easy hard drive upgrades, sanctioned "homebrew-esq" modding, etc... I really wish more console manufacturers would raise the price a little and not "lock" customers into buying expensive peripherals like hard drives, etc...

    Thx - SK

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    Hello everyone ! I'm new in this forum so be nice with me =D

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    Hello everyone! Hope to learn a lot from you guys and enjoy all the goodies that I'm finding here.

    Thanks for all the free downloads.

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    Nov 2008
    welcome all noobs

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    New Housing

    Hello All new here too. I wondered if anyone needed a new housing for their PS3 - there is one on - closes in 3 hours.

    Probably has been announced somewhere else, but as its closing soon maybe helpful. Item # is 220306579136.

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