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    Wisdom begins with wonder. Im a newbz to this site g for goodz though i thought i might check this shizzle out.

    Yea though on the real i like this shizzle boi gone crazy wit this info.
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    Jun 2007


    Hello, I am new in PS3NEWS

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    Hi everybody, i am happy to join your site !!!

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    Howdie, just joined..

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    i'm new to this and wanted to know how you jailbreak your ps3?

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    hi everbody

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    Sep 2012
    heyy whats up!! I'm here for read the news

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    hey all im new, im busy trying to jailbreak my ps3 with an ipod but i cant find any rockbox payloads anywhere

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    whatup i'm Xx_SE73N-MODZ_xX

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    hey.. what's the good word?
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