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    Aug 2012
    helle my name is krokie

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    Just joined this forum, i guess it's the best for ps3 hacks ^_^

    OH & congrats for everyone who didn't update his KM 3.55 cfw, it's time we harvest the fruits of our wait.
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    Greets form Europe to all the gamers and pirates

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    I'm not new.. just never posted yet.. so hello.. lol

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    I'm happy to be here !!!

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    I'm new here. Yahoo!

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    I just joined to look at what else can be done with the PS3. Upgrades, mods, and other things of which I will be learning.

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    hello everyone!!!

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    May 2009
    Hi, I'm completely newbie. When I first visit this site, I feel like i'm free from $ony


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