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    hi, guys love the site. cant wait to get involved !! cheers

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    just re-joined. for a friend of mine that is asking me a Universe of questions about releases on cfw 3.55. Guess I can find here without asking you, but any contribution will be nice (where to look to get the best comprehensive all in one compatibility list!!!)

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    Hi new user here!! from Argentina.


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    hello forum, joined to educate myself on the whole ps3 scene

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    hi i'm new

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    Greetings from Kyiv

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    Aug 2012
    Heyo, everyone! Nice to meet cha!

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    sup hows everyone joining the forum as im looking to get my fat ps3 60 gig model downgraded to 3.55 so hopefully can get it done here been seeing Mushy thread so going to pop off and pm him

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    Aug 2012
    Hello everyone, this is sameer from India. I just got a PS3 so decided to join the forums.

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    The best place for a ps3 user... hello to all

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