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    Sep 2010
    Hello, everybody..

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    Aug 2012
    Hello, just checking in...

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    Hello everyone, I'm brand new! How's everyone doing?

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    Hello I'm a new member nice to meet you

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    Feb 2012
    Hey, some of you may have seen me floating around the internets, but most of you probably haven't (I try to keep it that way). Looking forward to releasing some new resigning tools soon!

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    Hey guys, i am new here. I did register before but i couldn't activate my account on time. Now i have registered again. I love this site, this is without a doubt one of the best PS3 scene sites. Cheers.

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    Aug 2012
    Hello! Looking forward to joining in the conversation

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    Hey ppl am new to the forum

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    Hello Everyone, I'm new also at

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    Hi... I'm new... hope can find more information about PS3

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