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    hello, im a new user too.. what's up everyone

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    so as i, ps for ever lol good to see indian here, are you ps3 gamer?

    can you tell me that is duplex or any other fix for prototype 2 has been released for 3.55 cfw?
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    Dec 2007
    Registered back in 2007, but i guess i'll need to say "Hello, i'm new too" in order to get on the bandwagon

    Spent 5 years lurking though.. hahaha!

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    Looking for the best place to read news... I think this place is a good one for PS3

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    Hi, i am a new user of this great page i hope learn and more here

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    Aug 2012
    Hello everyone, i'm also new here. I live in the uk and own a 60gb ps3 which i've had for about 4.5 years never had Ylod due to stripping console and replacing paste every 3 months and lapping both ihs and heatsinks about 2-3 years ago (which takes about 8 hours !).

    My ps3 is running 3.55.2 rebug 500gb internal and 1tb external i'm currently getting the bits together to liquid cool it so its not as loud and mainly because its a challenge not like anything i've ever done. Also power it with an atx supply which will also power the koolance exos which i bought about a year ago on ebay for 50 !

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    hello guys also a newbie

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    Aug 2012
    hello everyone i'm peenut, i'm a new member to this site and really looking forward to lots of ps3 fun..

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    just joined great to be hear very excited

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