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    Aug 2012
    Awesome site. Been looking for a group like this for awhile. Hoping to contribute as much as I can. For now what's up peeps!

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    Hello people. Glad to find this site. it's really useful.

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    hi I'm a new user. I am looking forward to learn some new things.

    I need some help playing PS2 games on my PS3, I have the 120Gb console.

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    Apr 2005
    old timer here having a good time and getting along with everyone.

    also wanting to say hi to everyone after all these years.
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    new one here. hi to everyone

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    i'm new too how's everyone doing?

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    hello, i'm a new user .. hi everyone....

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    i'm new here, whats up everyone?

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    hi all, are there any mario type games for ps3 ?
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    same here, new also

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