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    Hello all,

    normally i play PC and Wii only but i got a PS3 now, and i got recommended to check out this site.

    So here i am and i see a lot of good things here

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    hi, i'm new to this great info site

    hello all members and very big greets from the uk
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    Aug 2012
    Hello Friends, I am glad to see all PS3 gamers and visitors .

    I've heard a lot about you, and decided to register

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    Aug 2012
    Hi all, I am new also to

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    Aug 2012
    Hi all, where you from?

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    hey glad i finally registered

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    Aug 2012
    Hey everybody, the name is ck44 and am excited to join this website. Looking forward to receiving and helping others as much as I can!

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    hi, i'm new here, and i love learning bout the ps3 and modding it

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    hello guys.. i'm new here..

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    hey guys,

    i am a bit of a noob with jailbreaks and stuff so i will probably ask a lot of questions, but i will help out with what i can


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