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    Aug 2012
    hello, i'm a new user.. what's up everyone!

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    What's up, guys? I am from germany and have a very high interest in gaming itself, the PS3 and the technology behind it.
    Hope i'll be a good addition to your community.

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    Jul 2012

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    k am new here am from Ghana and love your site like mad.. shout out to all who love ps3news

    BTW I downloaded the keys down and in case its removed before the day ends lemme know and i'll try uploading them again
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    Hi all, have been a regular reader of this site for years now. pretty much the only ps3 site I've needed

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    Hello all! I've been a reader too, but now I decided to join and see if I can help. I'm a Sony (PS3/PS2/PSP) user.

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    Jul 2012
    hello, i'm a new user, from Brasil

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    Hi All,

    New poster, long time lurker lol!

    Exciting times eh dudes!

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    hello, i'm a new user..

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    Hi everybody, i have been a ps3 user for over 1 year and following this site for a long time, recent events (3.60 keys leaked, new games for 3.55 vs) have taken my interest and decided to join this perfect site... btw i hate dongles !! E3 keep up the good work you are the best, and also propJoe !!

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