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    wow thanks very good site for ps3 news... thanks for making this

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    Hi all, PS3 scene is awaken again w/ all these eboots. awesome

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    Oct 2010
    i've joined some time ago, but haven't posted yet. greetings from russia.

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    welcome friends its so friendly and great site lot of knowlege and great support !

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    Hello, been on this site for a while now and finally joined the forum.

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    hi to all, i'm a fan of this site for a long time now, greetings from Peru.

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    yeeah, been a long time reading to this forum, but now i wanna help if i can.

    greetz smash2k

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    Hello, I visit the forum for a long time but never posted, greetings from Brazil.

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    hi! I'm new here, I hope I can enjoy this forum and share my knowledge about my gaming experience to everyone

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    May 2010
    hello every one

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