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    Jul 2012
    Hi all... another new user! Already jb using 3.55. and Rebug (trying out diff methods). Backup manager used to date is multiman. now looking to dual boot with other os++ any help here would be great!

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    hey I'm new too

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    Jan 2012
    Hello! I am new user here! thanks for everyone

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    just saying hey! im new to the ps3 scene. off to a good start for a noob now running 3.55 rogero with multiman 4.04 had to downgrade using e3 and that wasn't fun for a rookie but hey here i am now. just want to say thanks for all the tutorials that got me to this point.

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    hi all

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    Hello! I am new user here! thanks for everyone

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    hello, i'm a new user too.. what's up everyone

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    Sep 2010
    Joined a long time ago but looking to get up to speed on the latest news with PS3 scene.

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    Hello everyone, happy to be apart of the community.

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    Dec 2011
    Hello everyone! Am Exbaks from Asia 100% gamer and fan of the PlayStation system ever since the psone era...

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