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    Hey hackers, modders, developers, forum owners haha .. I'm new here i m here from Puerto Rico!! and i was just looking around and the forums is pretty awesome ppl are nice and so on.. i really loved it and best of all hackers!! cya tc ppl

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    Hi.. Hope this is worth it

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    NooooBeee to the group says bIG ELLO to aLL!

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    Hi there

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    Hi there

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    Jul 2012
    hello, im a new user too from spain.. what's up everyone

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    Jul 2012
    My First Post!!! Love this site!!! #ps3 #ps3>xbox

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    Hi everyone. I'm from belgium. I have two PS3, one for new games and one for homebrew.

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    Cool Hello Guys

    Dear All,

    I am new here. I will give my best here.


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