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    i hope i can learn something useful from the forum.

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    Jul 2012
    Hello everyone, hope to learn from all the good help.

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    Hi, I'm also new here, Rad23! I hope all is going well for you? Well, I too hope to gain benefits from this forum... good luck to all!

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    Hello everyone! i am a new user.. just bought my ps3 a week ago. hope to learn some tricks on you guys...

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    Hi everyone! TY for this global reference site

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    I'm new, too

    Still trying to create a pkg...

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    just got my new ps3 and hoping to learn more about it through this forum...

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    new joined, try out my luck

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    Jul 2012
    Hey Everyone, My name is Jose Carlos and i'm from Brasil. I'm new in the forum and would like to introduce myself. Thanks.

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    Just joined, looking good

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