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    Hi everyone,

    im new, here to exchange ideas, exchange news.

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    Oct 2008
    morning @ all ^^

    i'm new too.. this is a cool site

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    Me too my friend...

    Hi to all of you and have fun to all of us...

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    hey guys whats up...

    did anyone play ps home beta?? or now when it comes out?!

    i love this site.. best trailers in the www!!
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    Oct 2008
    Hi all, I'm new here aswell. Had my PS3 for nearly a year now. The firmware on my console is 2.10 because I haven't played any games on it hardly! Still on the 360 at the moment...

    I am looking to purchase a 750Gb HDD for my PS3 and maybe use it as a media centre when its finally cracked...

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    Arrow Hi all!


    New to this place but not a gaming noob, have just bought a new PS3 having moved into a new place with the gf. Have a DS, PSP, Wii, PS2 & xbox.

    I'm 23, a full-time student officially but also partake in small part-time graphic design projects & was a full-time postie for the summer.

    Hopefully I'll see y'all around here & don't discount my advice/questions just because it says up there /\ that I'm a newbie!


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    Hi !! im a n00b, welcome me, great forum by the look of some posts made in PS3 news, etc...

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    Apr 2005

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    PS3NEWS.COM welcomes all new members/noobies and hope you will enjoy our fine community we have here, enjoy your stay!

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    hello world!!! i finally got my ps3 and this is the first place i came to ^_^

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    Hi! I'm from New York city, and I'm here to mourn the death of both my ps3 (Temporarily), and the death of my wallet (Which will sacrifice itself to resurrect the ps3)

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