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    hi and ty love this site

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    Hi all,

    Thatcher here, been a member of the scene for a long long time but never really contributed anything. I'm 25 and live in the UK. Have 2 PS3s One running latest OFW and a original 60GB (upgraded to 320) with Kmeaw 3.55.


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    Join Date
    Jul 2012

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    Hi peeps my names warren and i play ps3 hit me on psn at Zooonneed

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    Just joined.

    this is a very interesting site
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    Hello PS3 Family

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    I just joined and I am looking forward to being a full time member. Also I use the same name on so if you see me there say hi.

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    hello, i'm a new user too. what's good everyone

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    I should have made this post a long time back.

    A shout out to one and all and thanks for all the hard work.

    I greatly appreciate all the posts

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    wassup forgot my password but im back

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