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    Hi another newbie to the list

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    Newbie here, nice to meet you all

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    Jul 2012
    Hey everyone, I'm a newbie here, stumbled on this site trying to jailbreak my ps3 3.70 OFW. Hope to meet new people

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    Jul 2012
    hi people...! i'm almost new on the ps3 world, I just received from my nephew a console with the cfw geohot installed, the machine works perfectly but I'm wondering about to change to rebug instead... so any sugesstions will be thankfulled...

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    Hello all! Long time forum troll here. Thanks for having me!

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    I am a new user too what's up everyone

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    hello to all I from the USA i've been had my ps3 since 2008

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    I'm a new user too

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    Hey, I'm a new user also

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