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    hi everyone.. new poster

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    New member, just joined today.

    My friend in the army said one of his mates had a hacked PS3. I'm sort of calling BS, but the possibility with the ECC news out, Im not quit sure now. At the moment for details all they have given me is indirect examples and explanations for loading the isos onto a hard drive. But said something about using a Blu-ray emulator.

    Whatever, right?

    I haven't seen any news about any isoloader or something of the sort for the PS3, so.. querying here.
    Cause this is where I traced the news back to =p

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    Dec 2006
    i'm new also, and a big noob

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    Hello. New.

    I play electric guitar, hack the Wii, and not much else.

    Rage Against the Machine is the best band ever.
    That is all.

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    LBP Beta

    Just downloaded the beta and it seems you have to be logged in to PSN to play. Does PS3Proxy let you "login" so you can play without an internet connection?

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    Oct 2008


    hi there, i'm trim and i got my ps3 since february this year. after that i installed yellow dog for some weeks, but changed to ubuntu 7.1.

    especially since ecc was reverted im interested in being up2date. keep on goin the good work. i got no knowledge of hacking consoles, only within using programs and scripting for my own purposes, mostly on my dream box. also got an nds, which is full of homebrew.

    so thats me, hope you got an impression

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    Aug 2008
    hi people,

    im new and a new user of this page, and i like it a lot.

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    I'm newb about 6 month but never take the time to present me ! i have a 40 gb with 160 gb hdd swap i play to much online thats bomba the ps3 kick ass ! but my 40 gb suck he lag, he is slow he sucks!

    i want a good oldschool 60gb like my first ps3 that i have give to my exgirlfriend. I try to buy one on ebay. I think the site is good for learn and i want to watch all the post on this forum see ya everybody.

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    hi, i m new member

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    Sep 2008
    i'm new.. got a little big planet beta key available if you want.

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