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    Jun 2012
    Hello Guys i am Cyclog i bought the PS3 in my country around 2008... I cant remember the past because of my medications. I have been hospitalized two times because of negligent practice in my country you cant sue doctors ) I have two Ps3's one of them is a PHAT 40gb and other one is a slim 250gb.

    One of them is for experiments other one is for legitimate playing i have many questions about experimental games I joined this forum because of that if you can help me out that would be great because outside the range of ps3news THERE IS ONLY CHAOS so i want the true knowledge and the real deal. I hope you guys are in good health and good mood...

    Take Care,


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    Jun 2012
    Okkaay... Heya I'm Hagan and I'm to get some cool stuff you have here.

    Looking forward to interact with ya.

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    hiya all names deadlyangel... thats it

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    Jun 2012
    hello everyone

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    hi i'm cronos002 from venezuela's

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    hi i'm bagiboy from germany

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    Hi everybody I'm a new user

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    IM new to this site heard its a good one

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    Sup? I'm new here as well. I was linked to the "How to use a PS3 controller" thread by a friend (Which doesn't work btw :/) and was later linked here. Thought it'd be appropriate to introduce myself. My name is Brian, I commonly go on the internet by Azure or Shu, both were taken here so I combined both.

    That's about it.

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    im new

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