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    new too

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    May 2010
    hello world i'm new here and i am a crazy tech guy that likes to mod everything... i have some project that i'm finishing i will show later when its finished you guys will be hearing from me...

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    Greetings everyone! ps3news is the hook-up (as if you didn't know).

    ~supergimp (lurker extraordinaire)

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    Hi this is my first time around, and so far this forum looks interesting.

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    Not new but can someone direct me if any adavaces have been done on org 3.72 firmware. I really like to use LINUX again.

    My PS3 is the Fat 80 GB one that came with motor cross game.
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    Hey everyone, I am here to get the full affect of ps3!

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    hi i'm new

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    Hello, ps3 news

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    I hoping to see good things in the future from E3.

    Wow 2005, What the hell was i doing then!
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    hallo everyone, i come here because i have problems

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