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    hello all

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    Hi, I'm with a new (but old) PS3 with cfw time to play

  3. #2423
    hi everyone, new also

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    Jun 2012
    sup fellow new members

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    Jun 2012
    hello, i'm a new user too.. what's up everyone!

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    Hey, Hey, Hey, New to the Forum How everybody doing!?!

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    Mar 2012
    Hello, I am kdmc12, I once had my PS3 Jailbroken on 3.55, I had a factory sealed original PS3 slim, not downgraded. I eventually sold out, and upgraded for Netflix. Been chasing downgrade glory ever since. E3 flasher clip woes, may seek solder option, downgrade, or progskeet perm install, exterior programming port.

  8. #2428
    just joined... great forum! ps3 id is twelfthsiren, hit me up if anyone wants to play fifa 12

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    New here, used the ps3 a lot even though I don't own one quite yet. Will in time though.

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    same here, new also

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