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    hello guys, another new member saying hello

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    hello everyone i'm new too

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    Me too! Sup

    Hiya, I'm new! Just wanted to keep updated with this Cinavida rubbish!

    Apparently Xbox has been making more sales than PS3 (lord knows why!) but this Cinavidia rubbish will a nail in the coffin!
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    Hi everybody! I'm a super n00b to doing anything to the PS3 other than turning it on and playing. Hahah! Hopefully, I'll be a fast learner.

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    hello to everyone !!!

    i am a real noob but its good to be here
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    Hello ps3news!! Just a noob looking to explore!

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    Hello I am new to these boundaries, it will come to me a greeting.

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    Hello my name is neo66666 i'm excited to get down to learning all of this too

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    Hi nice Site

    i'm from Germany, hope i have a good time here

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    hello just joined... go go go

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