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    hello and thanks

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    hey all

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    Great way of getting users to make a post

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    hi all...

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    Jun 2012
    Hi all, new user here, just trying to find a PCB layout (as I need to check fuses) for the ps2 slim 7900x series (it's actually a 79002) I installed a matrix infinity clone (perfectly I might add

    But when I got it back together it would just go from red light to green for half a second and back, I later noticed a small screw that someone jammed a sensor with and had slipped down thru onto the PCB (somehow) and I suspect it shorted long enough to take out a fuse.

    I checked as many as are identified, ps14 is suspect I get a high impedance measurement from it (I suspect it's from eleswhere and the fuse is blown) but not having anything to compare it to I would like to be sure, there aren't many schems or layouts for this newer (and PAL model) slim, so I have come here in search


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    Cool Oldie but newie

    Hey was up ps3news world. I didn't know back in the day about this thread, but now that I know I'm posting up. Just a chilling guy trying to learning all I can and be in blessed situations. May everyone in the ps3news world be bless on this day and beyond.

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    Hi Just joined, I like to learn thanks.

    It looks like everyone is helpful
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    Hi everyone, just registered. Searching for new and jb stuff.


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    Cool Back after a while

    Hey everybody,

    I use to be on here everyday, but haven't had time for games. I've been busy fixing systems. Just looking to see what's new.

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