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    hello new here just trying it out

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    Jan 2012
    Hi, new here. hope this old man can learn something here.

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    Hi Everybody... New here very proud of it!!!

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    hey i'm new too

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    Oct 2010
    Hello, everyone! I'm new to posting to threads of any kind and probably will be awhile on posting another one. So I would like to give a shoutout as well. SHOUTOUTS to Ps3 News! That's all. Thank you for reading my post!

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    hi i'm new here too.. this site looks really good for ps3.. i have a slim on 3.55 and i love sorts games and sandbox games.. my fav is Fifa and GTA

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    hi everybody just joined

    i believe this is the site if you want to know about ps3. can't wait to learn some new stuff
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    Nov 2010
    Hi all, i want to get the paysation move heroes bundle can i jb this or does this bundle have a higher firmware thanks

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    Hi, me name is Rafa i am new

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    been here for a while back from the ps2 days

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