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    Jun 2012

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    HI. ps3 news i'm DANNY DARKSIDE... PSN brightside75... ps3 scene is crazy at the moment.


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    Jun 2012
    Hey all, just joined and new to this

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    Hail PS3! To death with XBOX and Wii!

    I love PS3 so much. I whisper sweet nothings to it while it's internals fold proteins all night..
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    New to this site but not to other gaming forums..

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    hi, I'm krit i don't have ps3 yet but i have both psx and ps2 v16

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    I am new also. I am blockboutlaw or Block for short. I have a PS3 currently running Windows XP on top of an ubuntu Core.

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    well i have both XBOX 360 and PS3.. every machine has its "fails an win" ...

    I like PS3 ! too bad there are no exclusive games any more, nowadays ...

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    hello too

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