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    Hello everybody. I love my ps3..

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    hey i'm new, i'm ezekill666

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    good day to everyone! i'm new here and i'm excited to learn more about ps3 jailbreaking, thanks guys!

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    hello i'm new in this web..

    excellent, thank you...
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    hey all ^_^

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    Hey, I'm new here too.

    *awkward wave*

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    hey all its good to take a bit of time to be friendly, say something nice to each other or be helpful and not to be whining all the time.

    anyway my name is marc and i keep myself busy with softmddding/rooting/jailbreaking/chipping any device/console i get my hands on PS3 (fat & slim), PSP (fat & slim), XBOX360, WII, DS, IPHONE, MIDM009F i do it more to learn and how things work or fix them not really a gamer.

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    hello, i'm a new user too.. what's up everyone !!!

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    me too, new also

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    Hello, I'm new here and from spain, I want to know all of ps3 I have one and I want to learn more about all possibilities, and sorry, my english is not very good but I try, jejejeje

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