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    hey people

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    hey people!

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    A PS3 running OFW 4.11 can in no way at the moment be jailbroken to the extent of playing game files off HDD. Or external. You will have to downgrade your system using progskeet Flasher. Or a similar version. Get out your soldering kit though. Perhaps just wait a little longer until another method arises. Not sure all that is involved as I never went past the golden 3.55 version.

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    also i'm not sure but i think some ps3's are non-downgradeable, you'll have to check that out if i'm right, but as i said i'm not too sure.

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    hi everyone new to the site trying to learn about ps3s

    nice site btw!
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    Hi all! I'm Miguel i'm joinning to learn more about PS and stuff

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    sup guys i'm new so please be gentle

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    Hi there, thanks for letting me be part of ps3news community.

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    Hello everyone.I'm a newbie also.

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    Hello i'm also new to the Ps3 world.

    Nice to meet you

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