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    May 2012
    Wuddup everyone! Bwalo, 21 and up to learn everything about PS3 !!

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    Hello everyone

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    hello everyone... to all members and mods... im a newbie... i was searching the net on how to play psone classic games in my psp 3004 v6.20
    and i stumbled upon here... thanks

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    Dec 2009
    Oh hi people. I'm NTA. Don't think I've ever introduced myself

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    Jan 2010
    Well you don't need any introductions NTA.

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    hello everyone my name is synchronos, pls does anyone have a fix or pkg for MW3, UMVC3 and PES2012 for 3.55 kmeaw

    is there any non-rocket science method of hacking ps3's >3.55 without dongle
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    hi everyone. I am new too
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    Hi there, im blackguy, nice to meet you all !!

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    hi everyone, i new here...

    PS3 3.55 Slim
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    what up every one!

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