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    Cool New Newbie Here Too

    Stumbled across this site by pure accident. Quite a good site it is as well. Might have to stick around some more....

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    I've visiting this website since CFW3.41 but now i think its about time that joined, WHATSUP EVERYBODY.

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    hi, i'm new here, and want to upgrade my ps3.

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    hmmm... Interesting Site.

    Gonna add some sizzle to my old ps2. Just browsed through the net when I found this site... looks promising. Thanks admin for all the help!

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    Apr 2005
    No prob and I have now +Rep'd everyone since my last checkpoint here and ran the promotions updater for those with 2+ posts!

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    Are there any working ps3 iso games left...?
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    May 2012
    Hi All, New to the forum. I've hacked my PS3, running 3.55 KMEAW CFW and Mulitman. now i'm trying to sort some games out to put on the 500gb hard drive, like uncharted3 but have to work around the 8+ gb psarc file, which is new to me. Any assistance would be appreciated.

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    Hi all. New member to the forum although I've been checking it out for over a year. Good stuff.

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    Hi people, new to the forum knew of it for a while just never bothered to sign up hope to be of some help and get some help

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