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    Good evening, everyone. I'm a new user too, from Brazil. I hope to quite active on the forums, 'cause we don't get much information about ps3 around here...

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    May 2012
    Hi everyone I'm a new member from UK... So who's looking forward to some team based japery on Ghost Recon Future Soldier?

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    Mar 2011
    Hi all, I'm new to this forum, hope i find what i'm looking for here

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    hi im Akira90 im n us and im just wanting to learn more about the ps3 i had it for less than a week

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    hi thanks

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    came here searching for themes! nomnomnom!

    thank you very much.
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    thanks man

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    Hello, I'm not new to the forum, but now they ask me to introduce myself, thank you very much everyone for sharing!!

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    Hello everybody, i'm new too.

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