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    Hello ALL!!!

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    hello everyone

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    May 2012
    Hello folks, FZ Here. As a PS3 owner, i have came here to hang out with some of the PSN players just to chillax. Honestly, i love gaming...

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    whats up ps3 nation love gaming to bad my ps3 has the cod of death and will only play downloaded games..

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    yo whats up everyone. this is absoluttank. right now i have a ps3 with a 120g harddrive and i am on as much as i can be. i play all COD games. right now i'm just looking for a modded/challenge lobby for COD4 and world at war. if anyone hosts them and can invite me to rank me up again i would be happy. some reason when i played i was 100% legit until someone de-ranked me and messed up both of my prestige levels and all my kills/win loss ratio and i would like to be back to my right prestige on both games. Thanks.

    PSN ID: absoluttank

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    Feb 2012
    Hi Everyone,

    This site is awesome

    Thanks a lot

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    Hello i just joined and i will be sticking here

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    May 2012
    Great site but WAYYYY too many ads.

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    Hi all
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    Nov 2007
    Hi. Been a member for a while, searching for info and news - normally I don't post.

    Question: Is there an app to unrar files FROM within the PS3? Is there anything like irShell ported for the bigger Playstation?

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