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    hi, cool i don't hack a ps3 but i really wish that i could have one.

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    I'm new too.

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    May 2012
    Hi, everybody! Greetings from Serbia!!!

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    hello all
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    Oct 2010
    first post, hi guys
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    I'm a new user. I have 2 PS3's and am looking at "upgrading" one of them. Glad I found this site, it looks like you have alot of good info.

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    Sup Man, I'm new here ...

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    hello from mexico

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    Hello all. I'm a new user. I work at a electronics recycling company and I come across some Demo ps3's, xbox 360's and Wii's every now and then, so I joined this site to find out how to make them retail units.

    I am currently working on making my demo ps3 f/w 4.00 to retail. wish me luck as I'm new to this

    Any help on this would be great. I've downloaded 4.00 firmware from this site put it onto a flashdrive with no luck also tried 4.11 f/w with no luck. I put it into recovery mode to install update. it says a serious problem has occurred or something like that.
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    Jul 2005
    lots of new people thanks for the new forum

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