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    Hi, i am pretty new as well. Welcome

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    Sep 2010
    Hello everyone

  4. #2014
    Hi there, a new member. A nice community site with lots of info.

    Hope we have lots of hack fun.

    Greetings from the Moon.

  5. #2015
    Hello everyone here to receive info and hopfully be able to learn some good stuff along the way, I am currently a PS3 major gamer. and currently focusing all my energy on jailbreaking and downgrading so if anyone wants to help me out feel free to contact and blog with me...

    I am learning PUP file extract as Im typing this, so any info and quick editorials that is always helpful I am going to do what our best friend did with 3.55 if he did it theres away to do it again. may take for ever. but the way I see it is one person found a exploit in ps3 system it is considered fair access by law. just like IPHONE. app hated the jailbreak, but you know what PS3 had a whole and he found it so lets do it together!

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    May 2012
    I'm new too guys. Hi!!

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    hello from Poland

  8. #2018
    Hello from England. New noob on board. Please be gentle with me.

  9. #2019
    Hello everyone,

    Not quite a noob (at least I don't think I am)... inspiring hacker tho... Currently have a PS3 Jailbroken with kmeaw 3.55 CFW and latest multiman... any recommendations on games to play thats exclusive for PS3 only? Also, will I have any issues ripping games 1+ years old onto my HDD and playing them? I have been a xbox junkie and have recently converted to playstation world again... Cheers!

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    Mar 2011
    Helo Guys... Get Over here !!!

    Nice meeting you all...

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