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    Hello to every one!!! I'm a member since September, but today i introduce myself.

    I've sixteen years old, currently i study mecatronic, i love scene of ps3, psp and ps vita and thank you to all sceners that every day work very hard to bring us a free scene to all users. Sorry for my english, is very hard to me speak in english because i'm studying it.

    Regards from Mexico!!!

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    Greetings, everyone. On PSN I go by MugiwaraPrince. I'm not a big forum person, but when there is something I fee; interested in you'll find me there. Right now I'm playing Mass Effect 2 (only to finish and tranfer the save to 3,) One Piece Kaizoku Musou, DC Universe, and Final Fantasy 9.

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    Hi, I had a ps3 but it's now RLOD so I'll try to fix it and keep you posted

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    Hello everybody. Another new guy here on the forums. Looking forward to some interesting reading.

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    Nov 2009
    Been following this since i owned a very 1st gen ps3.... cool site i say

    and i remembered there are many great ps3 gurus here which willingly offer their help in all QnAs... Kudos!
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    May 2012
    i agree but rite now i dont own a ps3 i still have a ps2 im rite now working on modding it to play iso off my external

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    hi guys, been away to to thailand for a year and lost touch with the whole scene so i need to get reading and learning, and buying and burning, lol, cya

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    I my name is XiorgON i am learning and programing PS3 code

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    Cool Hi

    Hi there gamers and hackers , i'm new to this site.... hope you guys can help me out a bit here. Thx...

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    Sep 2010
    Just joined... excellent site.

    Regards from Argentina

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