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    Oct 2010
    Hi i'm Kelv. I have a 60Gb (well actually 250Gb. I put another HDD in it) original PS3, the one with the memory card slots under the flap at the front. had it quite a few years now and has done me proud. No problems with it at all yet (fingers crossed). I strip it down once a year to clean out the dust and it's still running fantastic. Keep up the good work here, it looks a great place.

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    Sep 2009
    Hello everybody I'm doccon nice to be here =)

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    Hey all.. Not new here, but first post in a while..

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    hello, i'm french!

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    hi everyone, i am new here

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    Hello, new too

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    Hi. Me too.

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    whats up everyone, new user here

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    Hello all, i registered a while ago but better late than never to introduce myself, i have 2 xbox 360s, 2 ps3s and various other consoles, i hope you'll all welcome me

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