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    'ello all! Been here for a few, renewing acct. and just wanted to say hi.

    -ps3 80gb phat/swapped to 320gb hdd/now a 640gb (been in there since WD released them; still want a TB+!)/7-port self-powered USB hub (a must for a 2 port ps3), and a plethora of other ps3 toys. ;>

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    nice.. well.. i never say hi here so... HI

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    Hello all

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    I am experienced in design and art cover, hope I can help in the forum somehow, I am more a retro gamer so I'm kind of a noob in the Actual generation games. I inted to gain knownledge here. Thank you.

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    Hey all.. I'm yet another newbie to the site coming to you live from the Great Pacific Northwestern United States of America. I just wanted to say hi.

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    Howdy everyone, just popping in to introduce myself.

    I am a 37 year old marketing consultant based in Atlanta. I grew up with Atari as my first console then it was all down hill from there. I mess with cars and hoop a bit for other past times but have ended a recent contract, employment-wise and have been spending a lot of time messing with 3dsmax and blender, etc.

    Just wish there were more time in life to learn EVERYTHING! hehe..


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    Apr 2007
    I hope I'll be able to give a contribute to this community ^^

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    Hello all new too, eventhough I did registered for quite a long time

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    Hi everyone. Newbie here.

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    Jan 2012
    I am back from the dead! and excited to see what the future holds for the PS3!. I wonder if and when the BD drive emulator will make its way onto the market and what isos will end up being used to exploit newer firmware to reveal the new keys. Exciting times ahead!

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