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    just want to say:

    hi all have a nice time here

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    Jan 2007
    Hi, another new user from Sweden.

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    Mar 2010
    just want to say: Playstation is the best Gaming platform

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    Hello everyone ... I'm tachibanaukyo (my nickname) I got a 320gb ps3 slim with 3.55 cfw ... I'm really interested in using my ps3 for all stuff that a ps3 can do not only playing games ... Hope to be useful here

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    Hey everyone. I've been with this site since before the name Change (don't recall what it use to be). I never really posted anything because I dont see the point in repeating whats already been said. Just the same, I'm looking forward to everything...

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    lol yeah the same here..
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    hello, i'm a new user too..

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    Hi everyone! I have been a keen follower of this site for the last year or so, for all the updates and the latest news regarding "the scene" of ps3 gaming...

    The level of devotion and dedication shown by the team is admirable and I hope to god that all of us will see the further development in the area together... Thanks for giving me a spot...

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    Jul 2006
    i got a bombass ps3. now i need the updates and crack. PS3NEWS GOT ALL OF IT

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    Hello =)

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