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    Oct 2010
    I haven't been here is a while - just been real busy. Not doing as many repairs either.

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    Hello everyone! I'm vinivinilos from Spain. Nice to meet you all!!

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    Hi I'm Antonio from Bolivia. Let's get the most out of outta ps3s

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    Hello, my name is Sergio, from Spain, great forum!!

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    Hey i am new here

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    joined a while ago, just saying hey. I've learned a lot over the years, so thank you.

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    Hi. Im from Panama, New in town cheers

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    Oct 2010
    Good morning all..

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    Hello, everyone!

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    PS3News PS3News PS3News IS THE BEST 4ever.. I Am Chrif From Algeria.. & i want to give a Special Thanks to PS3News Boss For this Great Forum & a Big Welcome to all New Members

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