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    hi guyz, hope that all you new and old users are soooooper-fine! i'm considering a point in new game of spider-man "the amazing spider-man", the point is that says that there is free roam gameplay in it but free roam gameplay is only available for ps3 and xbox 360 console! is it true?

    what about the pc owner, nintendo wii and wii u, and ps vita, ipad owners etc? although i m an owner of ps3 and 360 but i dont have any other gaming device, and i'm thinking that fans of this game on other gaming devices will feel bad about this. if any of you find this true then please tell me!

    and another ps3 exclusive i.e "last of us", has its trailer or gameplay been showed anywhere? if so then please leave a reply for my comment, best will be to post a link!!! regards

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    hello, I'm from spain. I dīnt a lot of time too see the forum, I had a baby, but sometime play consola.


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    hey ho whatsup ps3 friends

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    Hello, I'm from Turkey. I'm 41 years old and still love to play Video Game.

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    Hi Everyone - I'm not new, but haven't been on the 'scene' for a while.

    Mainly because of the new firmware releases by Sony that causes havok with 'backed up' games released after the custom firmware.
    I'll have to check what the latest is, but just a quick one - what is the latest CFW, and do you need a dongle?

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    Hello!i'm a new user. don't know what 2 post.. but i thing i'll figure it out... thanx!

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    Hi All, new here so just thought i'd post and say hi!

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    Hello everyone, hope your well. I'm a new user from the UK and looking forward to reading some of the posts

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    Join Date
    Feb 2012
    hello i'm newbie pls help me

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    came here for PS2 and PSP

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