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    This thread is already too long!

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    Hello been a member for about 6 months just never wrote anything.

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    Hi! First post for me too

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    what i can say i do have a PS3 Slim bricked by E3 flasher looking for a solution seems like the bios back is good enough as i got 3 files and the log report says evrey section is written and read everything went fine but still its a expensive brink i have now sad i tried everything what i could with the jump wire testing all kind a files and so on but still the last error what i get is metldr not supported

    i have seen many ppl here on this site who have the same situation i just came out of the brick to semi brick i still have hopes with my bios back up but it seems like e3 flasher is the one who have this as a bug for flashing i also read somewhere that it is coz we dint install the clip correctly but if we have not fix the clip correctly then how come the backup went and so on lol OMG

    i am sorry i just typed everything this is not the right place to share all this stuff but i am kind hurted to lose my ps3 but never mind i am learning this so i am here there are really some nice information what i got it from here and i am using it and now it is a time to get a new PS3 i guess for the time for me

    about me i can say that i am totaly into phones unlocking reflashing stuff like that and i do all my computer problems also so i know about computers too so mobiles computers and then i thought that i will look farward to repare few PS3 lol but bad luck but still i have not given up yet i will get it repare or get a new one give it a try and keep pasting it here thats all i can say

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    Hi, i am a new user here

    nice to meet you all

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    Hello Everyone

    I am a noobie as well and very excited too meet everyone.

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    New user on your forum, I'm here to keep in touch with all news about PS3 hacking.

    Thanks for your future help

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    Hi, have a good day to everyone.

    like to learn new idea from friends here.
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    Hello, where is that new CFW... Anyone... Lets not all key at once... Oh well, How y'all be.

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    Hello, I am Denni from Indonesia.. nice to meet you all.

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